Do Ads Really Work?

Do Ads Really Work?

Do Ads Actually Generate Sales?

Ads are trickier to setup than people think. It's easy to setup ads and have a lot of traffic but does that traffic really equate to any sales? It's acutally the content that's being marketing both where the traffic is being taken to and also how well the sales team selling the products are.

It doesn't matter how much traffic a website gets if the website does not do a good job of selling the product. All sales take time so nobody should expect starting an ads campaign and making money in the first few weeks. Ads work faster than SEO but that's generally not how it works. Most people going to service websites are scouting around and not ready to buy right now. Websites that sell goods are a different matter entirely. If a website is selling physical products those sell faster than services and it's totally possible if the ads are setup correctly sales can start coming in the first few weeks to a month.

However, if the products or goods the website is selling is not done in a way to make the user want to continue the checkout process of course no matter how much money spent on ads the sales will not continue. This is because if there are problems for the user like a difficult checkout process, not being able to pay because of coding errors, or simply a frustrating experience on their site or page, the ads can be working great and result in nothing sold.

But, in both cases, ads still take some time to start working so it's important to give at least two weeks before starting to alter ads if selling physical products or goods and around one month if selling services. In general, ads should help increase awareness of the product and increase the likelihood of a sale for both products and services at around the 2 month.


How to Setup Ads

Search Engine Marketing

There are many different types of ads. Search engines have what is called search engine marketing which is ads run on search engines like Google and Bing. These ads are typically very expensive and require a lot of money to be competitive. Big tech runs millions of dollars of search engine marketing per month so it's very difficult to maintain competitive where big enterprise companies own the search engine marketing space.

Search engine marketers should be expected to pay about $300 to $600 per month for an effective marketing campaign. If you're looking to hire someone to manage your search engine marketing campaign it will cost around $1,000 to $1,500 per month. Search engine marketing at lower prices will be less effective and may result in no sales gained. Ninja Web Design recommends not doing search engine marketing if you're not going to spend at least $300 per month by yourself or $1,000 per month hiring a professional ad agency.

Setting up search engine marketing optimally uses keywords your website is ranking for to help strategically increase permanent SEO while also quickly reaching more viewers on search engine listings. Using SEM (search engine marketing) makes your website rise much faster than websites using traditional SEO. However, SEM is not permanent. The moment you stop SEM the rankings drop. SEO is a more permanent solution that does not need any money to continue working. Any SEO gained is permament unless you change your site link structure, keywords, or page content.

The best SEM campaigns are ones that combine traditional SEO and SEM together to increase search engine rankings. This will dramatically increase search engine rankings while also increasing permanent SEO. This way, in the future if you decide to cancel SEM, your website will still have a good ranking without ads and can sustain itself until you're ready to continue running SEM.

Knowing your audience is key to any marketing campaign so make sure the audience is those who would use your products. Marketing video games to 65+ crowd is a waste of money and is considered not knowing your audience.


Social Media Ads

Social media marketing is far more affordable for small business owners and is easier to get into. This is especially true for business owners starting a new business venture that may not have the capital to be able to fund big expenses like search engine marketing. Social media marketing can be as low as $5 per day and generate a decent amount of traffic that has a high probability of equating to sales. $5 per day is $140 per month if run for the whole month continuously.

The key to setting up these ads is ensuring the right people are finding your business, you have a good ad image, and link to a website page that makes users want to interact. The key to a successful ad is to have the landing page design guide the user to perform the wanted action. So, if you're looking for more email signups than the ad should send the user to an email signup form. If you're looking to increase brand awareness send the user to the main homepage, and if you're looking to increase sales have the ad call your cell phone.

Same as before, knowing your audience is key to any marketing campaign so make sure that your ads are setup to reach who wants to buy your products or services. Most social media ads have automated AI services that can assist in finding the right audience. I'd recommend using this only if you use social media on a regular basis or the AI service will not know enough about your business and audience to help which will equate to no results.

Get a graphic designer to build an impressive image to ad to your ad campaign. On social media, the image is what sells the products or services for you. Having text is great but most people see the image before they actually read your post content. Videos are even better. If you have the money to hire a video production company, do it! Videos are keep people interested longer and are more likely to create user interactions that lead to a sale.


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